Baleuko was created in 1993 and since then has produced 12 CGI Feature Films (1 in stereoscopic), 4 real action Films, more than 30 documentaries and many TV programs for broadcasters. At the moment Baleuko is developing a new CGI Feature titled REDDY and also a Real Action film about the first president of the Basque Country; Aguirre Lehendakaria.

Baleuko is also working on a Playbook, an interactive book for kids which will be released before the end of the year.


Address: Askatasun Etorbidea 23, bajo. 48200. Durango. Bizkaia. Spain
Phone: 0034944668610 - e-mail:
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Contact Person: Naiara Galilea

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Blackie & Company (Farm Friends)

It's an ANIMATED TV Series based on the relations between farm animals. 26episodes*11 minutes full of adventures.
"FARM FRIENDS follows the colorful antics of the resident animals who live on Liberty Farm, who talk, sing, dance and play, unbeknownst to their human handlers.
The protagonist, Blackie, is a sheep with ambition and she is joined by the other animals who are full of fun and quirks and are all part of the weird and wonderful world of Liberty Farm."

feature Films CGI:

Amilas’ Secret (2015) - CGI - coproduced with Argentina. 65 minutes. Completed.
Blackie&Kanuto (2013) – CGI and stereoscopic – 82 minutes. Original Language: English. Already sold to US, Canada, Russia, France, Italy, Turkey, Middle East and Spain.
The Wish Fish (2012) – CGI – 75 minutes Original Language: English. Dubbed to Spanish and Basque. Already sold to Russia, Brazil, Denmark, US, Canada (Titled AQUA TALES in North America).
The Elf who stole Christmas (2011) – CGI – 65 minutes. Original language: Basque. Already sold to Middle East and Russia.

TV Movies:

Gernika between bombs (2012). 2 episodes.
San Mames - Basque Football Team (2013)
Goazen Gudari Danok (2014)

Real action features:

My mothers’ hands


Hidden Away
My Mother’s Hand
Izarren Argia

Main Activity: Animation

Other Activities: Documentary, Formats, TV Movie, Feature Films, Entertainment, Videogames and Software Solutions
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